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Routine breast implant checks usually take about 45 minutes. However, due to the particulars of your condition, the consultation may be longer as our doctors may feel a more extensive examination is required. NO REFERRAL IS NEEDED.


A routine breast implant check incurs a $175 fee of which $110.50 can be claimed back from Medicare. Any out of pocket cost is limited to less than $70.

Please note that we can claim the rebate from Medicare on your behalf on the day of your consultation and have them transfer the funds into the account that you have registered with them.

Furthermore, Integrated Breast Health Clinic patients can access a bulk-billed ultrasound scan at our partnering imaging centres on the same day if required – that is, no out-of-pocket expense to you.

The Integrated Healthcare Clinics

The Integrated Healthcare Clinics are built on the concept of horizontal and vertical integration and serves to partner specialists with GPs, and/or Allied Health Professionals, who have been specifically trained in screening and treatment of disease.

Patients are managed by a multi-disciplinary team, which jointly address all aspects of the presenting condition and tailors the treatment plan to ensure that the best treatment is offered.

Conditions & Treatments

Leaks, Ruptures, Capsules and Double Bubble

The use of breast implants carries the risks of implant leak, rupture and capsular contracture. Ruptured silicone breast implants can cause breast pain or changes in the shape of the breast. Double bubble occurs when a breast implant shifts down into the breast crease.

If you experience symptoms such as pain, soreness or swelling, lumps, or softening or hardening of the affected breast, you should see your doctor immediately. We now recommend that all women with breast implants should be checked regularly.


Breast Implant-Associated (BIA) ALCL is a rare lymphoma associated with breast implants. The incidence of BIA ALCL is between 1 in 1000 and 1 in 10,000. It is more closely associated with textured implants.

BIA ALCL takes about eight years to develop, so women have a long time to determine their best course of action. It is important to get checked regularly and to know that this lymphoma is treatable by removal of the implant and surrounding capsule if caught early.

Instant access to the right specialist

Working closely with Macquarie University Hospital, our doctors are able to refer patients to qualified Plastic and Reconstructive  and Breast Surgeons with experience in treating breast implant related complications immediately with no further out of pocket cost.

14-point plan

Based on existing scientific data from best practice around the world, Professor Deva and Associate Professor Karen Vickery, together with colleagues from the University of Texas – SouthWestern, have published a 14-point plan for surgeons to minimise the risk of breast implant infection.

The plan includes protocols such as specific antibiotic and irrigation regimes, particular incision and dissection techniques, minimal device handling and layered closure methods.

Professors Deva and  Vickery lead Macquarie University’s Surgical Infection Research Group (SIRG). The designated reference biofilm research laboratory is one of a handful of such laboratories around the world and has been active  in breast implant research for nearly 20 years.  We have recently begun to study Breast implant illness (BII).

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