• 1
    Use intravenous antibiotic prophylaxis at the time of anaesthetic induction
  • 2
    Avoid peri-areolar incisions
  • 3
    Use nipple shields to prevent spillage of bacteria into the pocket
  • 4
    Perform careful atraumatic dissection to minimize devascularised tissue
  • 5
    Perform careful hemostasis.
  • 6
    Avoid dissection into the breast parenchyma. 
  • 7
    A dual-plane pocket has anatomic advantages
  • 8
    Perform pocket irrigation with correct proven triple antibiotic solution or betadine
  • 9
    Minimise skin-implant contamination
  • 10
    Minimise the time of implant opening, reposition and replacement of implant
  • 11
    Change surgical gloves prior to handling the implant. Use clean or new instruments that were not used in the pocket dissection
  • 12
    Avoid using a drainage tube, where possible
  • 13
    Use a layered closure
  • 14
    Use antibiotic prophylaxis to cover subsequent dental or surgical procedures that produce  bacteremia, and  have  lifelong  follow-up

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