The Integrated Specialist Healthcare Education and Research Foundation (ISHCERF) is a not for profit organisation committed to bringing an alternative model of cooperative care to the Australian health landscape. It is important to emphasise that this initiative to improve safety and outcomes following breast implant surgery through research and education is run as a not for profit partnership with MQ health and is supported by grant funding, altruistic doctors who give their time freely and private/industry donations. It does not represent any commercial interests.

ISHCERF was established by engaging likeminded health professionals, partner organisations as well as government bodies who share a common vision that through collaboration, solutions can be found to the significant challenge ahead of keeping Australians healthy.

ISHCERF aims to contribute meaningfully to the broader healthcare system through education and research, as well as by developing clinical models that improve access to patients who need care most.

In the clinical space, strategies the Foundation employ to achieve this include direct access to specialised healthcare, a focus on primary care physicians and their education, community nurse services and home care services, as well as preventative treatment and screening for early disease. Innovation, cross funding ,social enterprise models, new technologies as well as providing measurable high-quality outcomes following treatment are some of the other endeavours that ISHCERF is currently developing. To find out more about the Integrated Specialist Healthcare Education and Research Foundation click here