Breast implant surgery for aesthetics and reconstruction is a commonly performed procedure. Before you decide to go ahead with surgery, here are some important information points to consider.

  • 1
    Implants outer shells are made of silicone and can be smooth or textured (rough). Implants can also be round or anatomic (tear drop). There are advantages for each type of implant and these should be discussed with you prior to surgery
  • 2
    Implants can be filled with saline (less commonly used in Australia) or silicone gel.
  • 3
    Implant position can vary to be either behind the breast tissue or partly behind the chest muscle (pectorals). Each position has specific advantages and disadvantages and should be explained to you prior to surgery
  • 4
    Breast implants do come with some manufacturers warranties but chances are high that you will need further future procedures
  • 5
    Breast implant procedures are best performed in fully licensed facilities. In NSW, the government has legislated to ensure that this is enforced from March 2017
  • 6
    Breast implants do not generally interfere with breast feeding. Talk to your surgeon about the risks associated with breast feeding and changes to nipple sensation following surgery
  • 7
    Breast implants are not associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. They may interfere with screening for cancer using mammography so it is important to inform your surgeon of your risk or family history.
  • 8
    Remember, breast augmentation for cosmetic reasons is an elective procedure and it is important to ensure that you have time to think about the risks and benefits and weigh up whether or not this is something you really need to proceed with.
  • 9
    Ask your surgeon to have your breast surgery details included in the Australian Breast Device Registry.