Point 14 : All women with breast implants should have ongoing surveillance for life. If you are concerned about your implants here are some steps that we recommend you follow.

1. Contact your original surgeon

We recommend that you contact the surgeon that placed your implants. He/She will have all the relevant details to do with your procedure and will be the best person to perform an examination and/or organise further investigations if required.

2. Book in for your free breast implant check at our clinic in Sydney

No matter who put your implants in, you can book in for your free annual check today. Please note breast implant checks are only available in the Sydney Metropolitan area at present. We will be opening new centres and will update you as soon as they are available.

Lifelong follow up care is essential if you have undergone breast augmentation surgery. We know that there are medium to long-term risks associated with breast implants that need to be monitored. It is recommended that all patients are seen, on an annual basis, for a breast implant check. This has been written into our point 14 of the 14 point plan.

If you are not able to access surveillance and even if you were not treated by one of our specialists or affiliated partners and can travel to the Sydney area, you are welcome to register for your annual breast implant check at one of our centres. Breast cancer screening is also incorporated into this annual program. Please fill out the below form to schedule an appointment or call us @ Integrated Breast Health on 02 9525 2340

We will be expanding this service to other locations in Australia soon. Please check in to our website regularly to ensure you are kept up to date.